Here are some of our favourite and most popular dishes to give you an idea of what we can do, but we will always work with you to create dishes to suit your event.

Hand Held Street Food

Smoked pulled pork in a toasted brioche bun with a fresh apple and fennel slaw in a cider vinegar dressing, our homemade BBQ sauce and crackling salt

Char grilled chicken tacos, black bean puree, guacamole, chipotle and lime crema, roasted tomato salsa

Low and slow smoked beef brisket sliced into a toasted brioche bun, homemade slaw, mustard BBQ sauce and pickled chillies

Char grilled chicken thighs, toasted brioche bun, crispy iceberg lettuce, smoked chilli jam, homemade Caesar dressing

Char grilled 6oz aged beef burger, toasted brioche bun, Swiss cheese, burger sauce, lettuce and pickles

Three cheese Mac and Cheese, pickled mushrooms, truffled sourdough crumb (v)

Char grilled halloumi, toasted brioche bun, crispy iceberg lettuce, smoked chilli jam, ranch dressing (v)

Our BBQ buffet menus are for those who would like to offer their guests more choice and a more substanial offering.

Grillled Buffet

6oz beef burgers
Butchers pork sausages
Mac and cheese (v)

Homemade coleslaw
Homemade potato salad
Crunchy gem lettuce
Sliced tomatoes and red onions

Brioche baps and sub rolls, served with ketchup, mayo, sauces and pickles

Low and slow BBQ Buffet

Low and slow oak smoked beef brisket, espresso BBQ sauce, sweet pickled chillies

Apple smoked pork shoulder, mustard BBQ sauce, crackling salt

Four cheese mac and cheese with fresh herb and sourdough gremolata (v)

Celeriac, apple and fennel slaw (v)

Burnt gem lettuce, Caesar dressing, shaved Parmesan (v)

New potatoes with capers, grain mustard, dill and watercress (V)

Tomato and roasted pepper salad, rocket pesto (v)

Brioche baps